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Erik & Hüner
17 Oct 2017
We hired Jan with very short notice (little more than a week). Even though it was short of time, Jan managed to help us plan the photography of our wedding in the City Hall. Jan has a good knowledge of the surroundings around the City Hall and knows where to take good pictures. He is also very discreet and was barely observed during the festivities afterwards, but he still managed to capture all the guests. The quality of the pictures is also very good, so we are extremely pleased with Jan's efforts!  [translated]

Mahdis and Tommy
11 Aug 2017
We are so incredibly grateful to Jan and his work. If you want a light-hearted and fun person who stands for one's wedding pictures, that's whom one should turn to. We are super pleased! Mahdis and Tommy  [translated]

June 26, 2017
We are delighted with our wedding pictures! Jan was engaged, friendly and professional. He managed to capture great moments during the wedding while being discreet. We were almost surprised afterwards that he had managed to catch so many moments when we did not even notice we were photographed!  [translated]

Emma and Peter
26 Apr 2017
We are delighted with our wedding pictures from the City Hall. Jan is very calm and professional and cared for us well, kept track of the times and piloted us right. Felt very safe and gave a superfine result. Can really recommend Jan.  [translated]

Caroline and Tobias
We are glad that we came into contact with Jan Gleisner. He showed great dedication and knowledge and our wedding pictures were great! The pictures were also quickly done. We were also surprised that the pictures were both in black and white, color and special edition which we found had very cool effects. Overall, we are very pleased and we highly recommend Jan Gleisner!  [translated]

Linda Karlsson
26 Sep 2015
Very happy with both the pictures and the treatment! We got great wedding photos that we are sooo happy with.  [translated]

Anna and Tim

14 Jun 2015

Jan photographed us at the City Hall when we got married. It was noticed that he had knowledge of the environment there, and how he would use it to get nice pictures. He was responsive and easy to work with, and we appreciate that he delivered digitally, and did not require us to buy expensive paper prints. In addition, we are very pleased with the results of the photography.  [translated]


Björn & Jessica

8 Oct 2013

We watched many wedding photographers in front of our wedding but immediately stuck to Jan's pictures. He had the photographic quality, a sense of motif, but above all a way to convey a special feeling in his pictures. During the wedding, Jan was very professional and more or less "invisible", in addition, we had a very nice moment with many laughs during our photography before the wedding. The pictures that Jan delivered exceeded our expectations and he had really found the right feeling that he managed to convey in his high quality images. We are very pleased with our choice of using Jan as a photographer at our wedding.   [translated]


23 Jul 2014

Now we have got the pictures and looked at them as fast as possible. It looks great! We recognize you :-). Thank you for being our photographer and forfeiting our day! What you've done with both soul and heart!  [translated]

Ida 9

Jul 2013

We are very happy with the pictures! The photo you took out on the bridge (No. 763) ends up on the thank you card, it was lovely :-). We also want to thank you for being so discreet during the ceremony and still managed to catch so many nice moments. Professionally!   [translated]


Bodil and Anders

30 Jun 2013

We think the pictures are really beautiful, and are so grateful and happy that you helped us for our wedding day! It's a bit like reliving the moments when you follow your photos.   [translated]

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